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"Serious" is the 1994 album by famous blues guitar player and vocalist Luther Allison. Released at a time when Allison was currently a reputable artist, the album even more solidified his status as one of the finest blues musicians of his generation. Considered among his most substantial and successful albums, "Serious" showcases Allison's signature soulful voice, powerful lyrics, and outstanding guitar abilities. The 12-track album marks an important transitional point in Allison's illustrious career, with a mix of the artist's standard blues sound and a modern edge that interested brand-new audiences.

Album Background
In 1994, Luther Allison had actually currently enjoyed an extensive profession that spanned 3 decades, with numerous effective albums and singles under his belt. Following his 1991 album, "Bad Love", Allison chose to check out and explore some different noises, resulting in the dynamic and modern sound discovered in "Serious". The album was produced by Jim Gaines, known for working with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Santana-- providing the album a strong and vibrant rock-blues ambiance.

Key Tracks
1. Let's Try Again: The opening track acts as an effective intro to the album, with an unique combination of rock and blues noise, incorporating emotive lyrics and showcasing Allison's meaningful voice and energetic guitar work.

2. Serious: The title track is possibly the most famous from the album, including a slow-burning groove, emotionally charged lyrics, and a display of Allison's skilled guitar shredding. "Serious" earned significant recognition amongst fans and critics alike for its rich blend of standard blues and modern rock components.

3. Love Me Papa: This tune shows Allison's capability to deliver a heartfelt, emotional performance. "Love Me Papa" is a soulful ballad, including tender lyrics, fragile guitar work, and a captivating tune that highlights the deep connection in between Allison and his audience.

4. You Can Run but You Can't Hide: As one of the much heavier tracks on the album, this tune sees Allison look into his darker side. Featuring effective lyrics and driving rock guitar work, "You Can Run but You Can't Hide" stands apart as an intense and raw minute in the album.

5. I Wan na Know: Closing the album, "I Wan na Know" is another powerful ballad, showcasing Allison's emotive voice and expressive guitar playing. The tune encapsulates the main styles of the album-- love, durability, and the search for understanding.

Vital Reception
Upon its release, "Serious" got extensive appreciation from both fans and critics for its mixing of traditional blues and modern-day rock sounds. Allison's powerful efficiencies and intense musical chemistry with his band were lauded, as well as his capability to deliver a soulful, genuine blues experience. The album earned Allison numerous awards and honors, consisting of a 1996 W.C. Handy Blues Award for Contemporary Blues Album of the Year.

Legacy and Impact
"Serious" stays an essential listening experience for blues and rock fans alike, standing as a testament to Luther Allison's immense talent and passion for music. The album's smooth mix of contemporary and conventional blues styles opened doors for the category and helped form the blues-rock noise of the mid-1990s. Regretfully, simply three years after the release of "Serious", Luther Allison passed away due to lung cancer. However, his extraordinary musical legacy resides on, with "Serious" functioning as among the most cherished pieces in his large discography.

Artist: Luther Allison

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