Album: Concentration 20

"Concentration 20" is the 2nd studio album launched by Japanese pop vocalist Namie Amuro on July 24, 1997. The album marked Namie's emergence as a solo artist after her time with the Super Monkey's, a J-pop lady group. "Concentration 20" ended up being a remarkable success in Japan and developed Amuro as the new period's most popular J-pop idol.

Background and Production
The album was produced by an elite group of hit-makers, consisting of Tetsuya Komuro, Daisuke Shindo and Dallas Austin. The trio aided in crafting a more mature and sophisticated noise for Namie compared to her previous deal with the Super Monkey's. A mix of contemporary R&B, pop, and dance styles, "Concentration 20" showcased Amuro's vocals and attracted a younger generation of listeners.

Amuro also made a substantial change in her image, trading her trademark long hair for a bob cut and opt for a more modern-day, city look. This produced a feeling in Japan, with her style ending up being the brand-new standard for girls all over the country.

Singles and Promotions
"Concentration 20" was preceded by three songs, starting with "Don't Wan na Cry", which topped the Oricon Singles Chart in Japan and offered over one million copies, becoming Amuro's second million-seller single. Secondly, "Can You Celebrate?" also peaked at top and turned into one of the very popular singles in Japanese history, exceeding two million copies.

Another hit single, "How to Be a Girl", reached primary on the charts, making Amuro the first female artist to achieve 5 successive top. Its video also received appreciation for incorporating computer-generated imagery, showcasing futuristic technological styles. In addition, the album's psychedelic cover art, together with renowned advertising photographs shot by distinguished professional photographer Leslie Kee, finished the bundle.

Amuro's dominance in Japanese popular culture extended far beyond her music, as her signature looks, style sense, and dance moves resonated with the youth. She would be seen in advertisements for major brands, further amplifying her influences throughout the nation.

Business Performance and Legacy
Upon its release, "Concentration 20" offered over 500,000 copies on the first day and debuted at number one on the Oricon Albums Chart, becoming her second chart-topping album. It went on to sell more than 2 million copies, getting triple-platinum accreditation from the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

The album's success led Amuro to be dubbed the "Queen of J-Pop", and set the foundation for her enduring profession, guaranteeing a dedicated fan base that would follow her throughout the years. To this day, the album's name is synonymous with the height of Amuro's career and Japanese popular song of the times.

Namie Amuro's "Concentration 20" is an iconic album in the history of J-Pop, contributing considerably to specifying the noise and style of late 90s Japan. With its mix of R&B, pop, and dance beats, the album set the phase for Amuro's success and longevity in the music industry. Commemorated for its appealing songs, captivating music videos, and unforgettable fashion minutes, "Concentration 20" stays a crucial chapter in Amuro's career and the more comprehensive landscape of J-pop music.
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Artist: Namie Amuro

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