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"Uncontrolled" is the tenth studio album by Japanese singer and performer Namie Amuro, launched on June 27, 2012, by Avex Trax. The album features a mix of pop, R&B, and electronic dance music (EDM) styles, as well as collaborations with international manufacturers and artists. This marked a substantial modification in Amuro's musical instructions and assisted her achieve worldwide recognition. "Uncontrolled" also showed Amuro's flexibility as a performer, showcasing her ability to adjust to different music genres and languages.

Background and Production
Leading up to the release of "Uncontrolled", Namie Amuro gained popularity in Japan throughout the 1990s, becoming one of the nation's top-selling artists. After her previous album, "Checkmate!", a collaboration album released in 2011, Amuro decided to deal with a new project that would showcase her advancement as an artist. She got the assistance of various global music producers, consisting of Sweden's T-Swizzle, the United States' Nervo, and the United Kingdom's Luciana and Richard X, to create a fresh sound for the album.

The album was recorded in several areas, including Japan, Sweden, and the United States. Amuro also challenged herself by tape-recording songs in English, expressing her desire to interact directly with her international fans.

Music and Lyrics
"Uncontrolled" includes a varied range of music designs, consisting of pop, R&B, and electronic dance music (EDM). Amuro explores brand-new sonic areas, incorporating components of dubstep, house, and electro in different tracks. The album likewise includes numerous ballads, showcasing Amuro's singing variety and psychological depth.

The album opens with "In the Spotlight (Tokyo)", an upbeat dance track with a memorable hook that sets the tone for the job. Other standout tracks consist of "Go Round", an EDM-infused pop tune that was later revamped into a bilingual (Japanese and English) variation called "Yeah-Oh", and "Hot Girls", an energetic anthem celebrating self-confidence and female empowerment.

The lyrics on "Uncontrolled" mainly concentrate on themes of love, relationships, and individual development. Amuro shows her vulnerability through psychological tracks like "Let Me Let You Go", a piano-driven ballad about the pain of releasing a liked one, and "Break It", a song about breaking free from a harmful relationship.

Reception and Commercial Performance
"Uncontrolled" received positive evaluations from music critics, with many applauding Amuro's willingness to experiment with brand-new noises and designs. The album debuted at top on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart, selling over 294,000 copies in its first week. The album was licensed Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), indicating sales of over 250,000 copies. In overall, "Uncontrolled" has actually sold over 516,000 copies in Japan.

The album also performed well worldwide, reaching number two on the iTunes worldwide album chart and ranking within the top 10 in several nations. "Uncontrolled" was an exceptional accomplishment for Amuro, as she became the third Japanese artist to rank within the top 10 on the iTunes around the world album chart at that time.

Amuro promoted the album through a series of live performances, including her very first around the world livestream efficiency on Ustream, entitled "Namie Amuro Uncontrolled Live". In March 2013, Amuro held a show trip called "Namie Amuro 5 Major Dome Tour 2012 ~ 20th Anniversary Best ~", celebrating her 20-year profession in the music market. The tour attracted over 400,000 fans, further strengthening her status as a national pop icon.

"Uncontrolled" marked a substantial milestone in Namie Amuro's profession, as she effectively transformed herself by checking out new music genres and teaming up with global artists and manufacturers. The album showcased Amuro's versatility as a performer, and its business and critical success showed she could adapt to changing musical patterns and emerge stronger than ever.
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