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"Surprise" is the eleventh solo studio album by the iconic artist Paul Simon. Released in 2006, this album marked a turning point in Simon's career as it included innovative collaborations with other impressive artists, especially Brian Eno. Understood for its unique soundscapes and introspective lyrics, "Surprise" got extensive acclaim from both critics and fans.

The album is the outcome of Simon's collaboration with British musician and manufacturer Brian Eno, best known for his deal with artists like U2, David Bowie, and Talking Heads. This collaboration had a profound impact on the sound and feel of the album. Simon was impressed by Eno's electronic and ambient music, incorporating it into his songwriting procedure. The pair had actually met in London for several days and began collaborating, at first on just one song, however their collaboration grew into a considerable contribution to the album.

Structure and Production
The cooperation with Brian Eno brought to life an experimental and special sound for "Surprise": Eno produced the atmospheric soundscapes and electronic textures, which functioned as the canvases for Simon's thought-provoking lyrics and storytelling. The mixing of electronic and natural components present in the album represented a departure from Simon's previous work, offering each track an unique aural identity.

Eno's hallmark touch can be observed in many of the album's tracks, particularly tunes like "Outrageous" and "Sure Don't Feel Like Love". These songs are defined by non-traditional chord developments, electronic textures, and balanced patterns-- all traditional aspects of Eno's sonic combination.

Notably, the album was recorded in various areas, consisting of New York, London, and Nashville, which further contributed to the varied noise and character of "Surprise".

Themes and Lyrics
The lyrics in "Surprise" are a few of Paul Simon's most reflective and thought-provoking, reviewing the state of the world, individual relationships, and spiritual styles. Many tracks deal with post-9/ 11 America and the impact of international events, which can be observed in tunes like "How Can You Live In The Northeast?" and "Wartime Prayers".

Tracks like "Father and Daughter", featured in the animated film "The Wild Thornberrys Movie", and "Outrageous" delve into themes of household, aging, and social review. The latter tune, with its catchy chorus, consists of a commentary on the superficiality of contemporary society while likewise pondering Simon's own death.

"Surprise" was well-received by critics, with lots of applauding its speculative nature, Simon's reflective lyrics, and his effective cooperation with Brian Eno. Although it didn't reach the commercial heights of his previous albums, such as "Graceland" and "The Rhythm Of The Saints", "Surprise" still managed to reach number 14 on the United States Billboard 200 chart and number 4 in the UK Albums Chart.

The album likewise amassed a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for the song "Father and Daughter".

"Surprise" represents a vibrant step forward in Paul Simon's career, mixing his signature storytelling with Brian Eno's innovative electronic soundscapes. Reviewing the human condition in the context of a complicated world, this introspective album provides a fresh viewpoint on Simon's unique design. It functions as a testament to his willingness to evolve as an artist and accept brand-new sonic possibilities.
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