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"The Paul Simon Songbook" is the very first solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Paul Simon, launched in August 1965 on CBS Records. The album consists of twelve tracks, all of which are composed and carried out by Paul Simon, who accompanies himself on his acoustic guitar. The album is now thought about a timeless, showcasing Simon's expertise as a songwriter and musician, in addition to his distinctive vocals and guitar style.

Background and Recording
Before "The Paul Simon Songbook", Paul Simon was primarily called half of the duo Simon & Garfunkel, which also featured Art Garfunkel. The duo had launched their launching album "Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M". in 1964, which mostly consisted of folk songs and acoustic ballads. The album was not a commercial success, leading Simon to transfer to England and start his solo profession.

While in England, Simon continued composing songs and performing in folk clubs around London, where he got considerable appeal. Throughout this time, he recorded "The Paul Simon Songbook" as a method of promoting his collection to potential manufacturers and partners.

The album was taped in a simple, subtle setting at Levy's Recording Studio in London, with just Simon and his acoustic guitar. This intimate and minimalistic noise would later on become synonymous with Simon's special musical design.

Track Listing
"The Paul Simon Songbook" showcases a wide variety of musical designs and themes, from reflective ballads to animated folk tunes. It includes some of Simon's many widely known songs, consisting of "I Am a Rock", "April Come She Will", and "Kathy's Song". Much of these tracks would be re-recorded and appear on later Simon & Garfunkel albums.

1. "I Am a Rock"
2. "Leaves That Are Green"
3. "A Church Is Burning"
4. "April Come She Will"
5. "The Sound of Silence"
6. "A Most Peculiar Man"
7. "He Was My Brother"
8. "Kathy's Song"
9. "The Side of a Hill"
10. "A Simple Desultory Philippic (or How I Was Robert McNamara 'd into Submission)".
11. "Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall".
12. "Patterns".

The album's lyrics mainly center on styles of introspection, disillusionment, and the pursuit of individual suitables, with Simon's poetic and reflective storytelling resonating with listeners.

Reception and Legacy
"The Paul Simon Songbook" was initially launched only in the United Kingdom and was reasonably successful. It reached number 24 on the UK Albums Chart and remained on the chart for over 7 months.

The album's influence would extend far beyond its initial release. It showcased Simon's tremendous talent as a songwriter, and much of the tracks ended up being staples in his live performances, both as a solo artist and with Art Garfunkel. The songs from this album helped prepare for future Simon & Garfunkel classics, such as "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Bookends".

In 1981, a remastered version of "The Paul Simon Songbook" was launched, including two bonus offer tracks: "The Sounds of Silence" and "He Was My Brother". The album continued to receive crucial acclaim, and in 2003, it was consisted of in the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die".

"The Paul Simon Songbook" is a critical album that presented Paul Simon's remarkable songwriting and musical abilities to a broader audience. It uses an intimate glimpse into Simon's early profession, showcasing the ageless and enduring nature of his songs. As one of the most influential and highly regarded songwriters of his generation, Paul Simon's tradition continues to influence and captivate listeners, and "The Paul Simon Songbook" remains a must-listen album for any folk music lover or fan of Simon's work.
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