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"Legalize It" is the debut solo album by Jamaican reggae master and previous Wailer, Peter Tosh. Launched in 1976, this distinctive and politically charged masterpiece of reggae marked the start of Tosh's solo career, following his departure from the renowned group, The Wailers, which likewise included legends Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer. Produced by Tosh himself, "Legalize It" stays among the most influential reggae albums of all time and stands as an inspirational composition of Tosh's strong belief in social, political, and spiritual advocacy.

Background and Production
Upon leaving The Wailers in 1973, Peter Tosh signed a recording agreement with CBS Records. Nevertheless, the partnership wasn't productive, primarily due to the label's absence of comprehension with Tosh's musical vision. It was just in 1976, after signing a deal with Virgin Records, that Tosh's solo profession genuinely took off with the release of "Legalize It". Tape-recorded between 1974 and 1976, the album saw Tosh dealing with reggae greats Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar, among others.

As the main composer, Tosh had complete control over the album's instructions. This imaginative liberty enabled him to establish an unique sound that set Tosh's work apart from that of The Wailers. The record features a mix of protest tunes, like ballads, and anthems requiring unity and modification. The instrumental arrangements are layered and intricate, with Tosh's unmistakable, intense vocals at the forefront.

Lyrics and Themes
The album is centered around the style of advocacy and the need for societal reform. "Legalize It" (the title track) is undoubtedly the most emblematic song of the album, with its intriguing lyrics honestly supporting the decriminalization and subsequent legalization of cannabis. Tosh firmly thought in marijuana's healing and spiritual properties, and the track ended up being an anthem for Rastafarians and marijuana advocates around the world.

Other songs on the album deal with styles of hardship, bigotry, and resistance versus oppression. "Burial", for instance, speaks to the injustice faced by Black individuals subjected to violence and inequality. And "No Sympathy" is a compelling commentary on society's treatment of those living in poverty.

The album also includes a number of tracks that explore Tosh's Rastafarian beliefs and spirituality: "Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)" and "Ketchy Shuby" being simply a couple of examples. The latter commemorates the act of love, with spirited lyrics and catchy rhythms showcasing Tosh's capability to link both emotionally and physically with his audience.

Effect and Legacy
"Legalize It" accomplished remarkable success, transforming Peter Tosh into a global reggae sensation and an influential figure in both music and advocacy. The record's vibrant lyrical material made waves and provoked conversation regarding the social problems it addressed, in particular, with regard to cannabis legalization. Tosh's advocacy played a significant function in the development of the marijuana legalization motion, which continues to get traction globally to this day.

The album is not only understood for its political and social commentary, however likewise for its top-tier songwriting and musicianship. Tosh's special guitar design, combined with his exceptional vocal talent and non-traditional noise, assisted solidify "Legalize It" as an ageless and crucial piece of the reggae category's history.

Almost five years after its release, "Legalize It" remains a potent and important album, showcasing the immense skill and vision of Peter Tosh. His undeviating dedication to activism, spirituality, and music has made him one of the most revered and prominent figures in reggae history.

Artist: Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh Peter Tosh, a fearless musician and human rights activist known for his powerful songs and inspirational quotes.
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