Album: Wanted Dread & Alive

"Wanted Dread & Alive" is the fifth studio album by Jamaican reggae musician, Peter Tosh. Released in June 1981, the album was produced by Peter Tosh himself, together with the Word, Sound and Power band. It was distributed by Rolling Stones' record label, Rolling Stones Records, and featured guest looks by popular artists such as Sly and Robbie, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Micky Forbes. The album represents Tosh's outspoken nature and his battle against the oppressive system through his music.

Background and Production
After his three effective albums, "Legalize It", "Equal Rights", and "Bush Doctor", Peter Tosh's aspirations for his fourth release, "Mystic Man", did not rather take off as he anticipated. This led to him coming back stronger and more identified with "Wanted Dread & Alive".

The album was taped in different studios, including Dynamic Sounds Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, and Music Mountain Studios in New York City. Renowned Jamaican musicians Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, widely called Sly and Robbie, contributed their innovative expertise to the job, along with Rolling Stones members Keith Richards and Mick Jagger who used the track entitled "Bush Doctor".

Themes and Content
"Wanted Dread & Alive" touched on different themes worrying society, politics, and personal experiences. Peter Tosh was known for his poignant messages, sharp wit, and his fight for justice and equality. This album is no exception, showcasing his strong desire to utilize music as a tool to communicate meaningful messages to the masses.

1. "Coming in Hot" - The opening track of the album sets the tone with effective lyrics describing Tosh's undeniable presence in the music scene. He acknowledges his opponents and perseveres in his capability to make a mark with his noise.

2. "Nothing But Love" - A cooperation with American singer Gwen Guthrie, this tune has to do with unconditional love and the strength it brings throughout life's difficulties. The successful duet generated a mix of reggae and soul, appealing to a broader audience.

3. "Reggaemylitis" - Tosh coins a brand-new term in this playful track, detecting his listeners with an addiction to reggae music. The memorable tune and relatable topic make it a great example of his ability to deliver a transmittable tune.

4. "Rok with Me" - This rock and roll-infused reggae tune boasts a distinct background and defiant lyrics, emphasizing Tosh's standpoint against authority and control.

5. "Oh Bumbo Klaat" - Written as a response to an assassination effort on his life in 1978, this tune checks out the themes of betrayal and deception.

6. "Wanted Dread & Alive" - The title track of the album embodies Tosh's outlaw credibility and determination to endure versus all odds.

7. "Rastafari Is" - A homage to the Rastafarian faith, Tosh emphasizes the importance of unity and strength in his beliefs.

8. "Guide Me from My Friends" - A plea for defense from deceitful acquaintances, this tune highlights the vulnerability and distrust that exists in today's society.

9. "Fools Die" - Closing the album with a reflective piece, Tosh contemplates the concept that wisdom and humbleness eventually accomplishment over foolishness.

Effect and Legacy
"Wanted Dread & Alive" was well-received by critics and fans alike, signifying Tosh's triumphant return after his previous album's lukewarm response. It even more sealed his track record as a brave artist who was unapologetically outspoken in dealing with societal problems through his music. The album continues to remain appropriate and influence brand-new generations, showcasing Peter Tosh's distinct sound and an undeviating enthusiasm for justice and equality.

Artist: Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh Peter Tosh, a fearless musician and human rights activist known for his powerful songs and inspirational quotes.
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