Album: Q: Soul Bossa Nostra

"Q: Soul Bossa Nostra" is an album produced by the legendary music manufacturer Quincy Jones, released on November 9, 2010, by Interscope Records. The album is a collection of re-imagined hits from Jones' extensive catalog, performed by numerous prominent artists from different music categories. As a tribute to the renowned Quincy Jones, the album acts as an event of his quality and impact on the music market over his 60-year profession. The title of the album is inspired by Jones' 1962 critical hit, "Soul Bossa Nova", which later on ended up being popular as the style for the "Austin Powers" films.

Star-Studded Collaborations
"Q: Soul Bossa Nostra" includes an excellent lineup of contemporary artists admiring Quincy Jones through their interpretations of some of his most significant works. The album consists of performances by various artists such as John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Robin Thicke, Wyclef Jean, Ludacris, Jennifer Hudson, and more. It showcases collaborations that highlight the varied variety of Jones' production work, spanning different music categories, styles, and periods.

Track Highlights
The album contains 14 tracks that unite an eclectic mix of artists and classics. Some standout tracks on the album include:

- "Ironside", including Talib Kweli: The album opens with this track, with Talib Kweli rapping over the iconic 1967 theme from the TV series "Ironside" produced by Quincy Jones. The combination of Kweli's contemporary rap shipment with the immediate horns of the initial theme sets the phase for the rest of the album's ambitious partnerships.

- "Strawberry Letter 23", featuring Akon: This track is a rendition of the Brothers Johnson's 1977 hit produced by Jones. Akon adds a modern pop/R & B twist to the tune while still preserving the original's contagious melody and spirit.

- "Soul Bossa Nostra", including Ludacris, Naturally 7, and Rudy Currence: As a homage to Jones' initial instrumental hit, this track includes a rap verse from Ludacris and impressive beatboxing from Naturally 7, showcasing an imaginative mix of different musical aspects.

- "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)", including T-Pain and Robin Thicke: This performance of the Michael Jackson timeless, co-produced by Quincy Jones, features T-Pain utilizing his signature Auto-Tune design, while Robin Thicke provides smooth vocals, resulting in a fresh, contemporary take on the tune.

- "You Put A Move On My Heart", featuring Jennifer Hudson: Jennifer Hudson provides an effective vocal efficiency on this track, initially recorded by Tamia for Quincy Jones' 1995 album "Q's Jook Joint". Hudson's performance showcases her extraordinary variety and her ability to bring an emotional depth to the song.

Reception and Legacy
"Q: Soul Bossa Nostra" got mixed evaluations from music critics, with some praising the distinct collaborations and reinterpretations of Quincy Jones' traditional tracks, while others felt that some of the contemporary artists' performances did not measure up to the original variations. In spite of this, the album is still a testament to Quincy Jones' extraordinary impact on the music market and his tremendous skill as a producer, arranger, and author. The diverse musical designs and collaborations featured on the album display the classic appeal of his work, continuing to motivate and influence new generations of artists.

Artist: Quincy Jones

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