Album: Stockholm Sweetnin'

"Stockholm Sweetnin'" is a significant jazz album launched in 2007 by the famous musician and producer Quincy Jones. Influenced by his time invested in Sweden, where he studied composition and dealt with well-known jazz artists like saxophonist Arne Domnerus and pianist Bengt Hallberg, the album is a celebration of Scandinavian musicianship. The collection album is a mix of his timeless classics, uncommon recordings, and special partnerships. It includes 16 tracks that exhibit Quincy's long-lasting love affair with jazz and his exceptional skill as an artist, author, and arranger.

Background and Inspiration
Quincy Jones, nicknamed "Q", is a true icon in the music industry. With an illustrious career covering over 6 decades, he has been acknowledged with various honors and awards, including 28 Grammy Awards. Best understood for his work with Michael Jackson on famous albums like "Thriller" and "Bad", Quincy Jones' contributions to music go far beyond his pop productions.

His love for jazz, in particular, has always been an integral part of his work. Before settling in the United States, Quincy Jones studied music structure with Nadia Boulanger and Olivier Messiaen in Paris. It was his time in Sweden during the 1950s that significantly affected his musical career. In Stockholm, Jones was introduced to the thriving jazz scene, where he performed and recorded with some of the country's finest artists. It is these experiences that inspired and formed the essence of "Stockholm Sweetnin'".

Album Highlights
"Stockholm Sweetnin'" begins with the swinging title track, composed by Quincy Jones himself. The song features an exceptional big band arrangement, which sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The compilation likewise includes a number of lesser-known gems like the sophisticated "The Midnight Sun Will Never Set". This track, originally composed by Henri Salvador, is brought to life through Quincy's masterful arrangement and the extraordinary vocal efficiency of Sarah Vaughan.

Another standout track is "Sermonette", a song originally written by Cannonball Adderley and Jon Hendricks. In this rendition, Quincy's articulate arrangement is complemented by Alice Babs' scat singing, producing an irresistible and interesting tune.

Quincy Jones showcases his expertise as an author and conductor in tracks like "Quincy's Home Again" and his rendition of "Meet Benny Bailey". The first tune shows his capability to craft a lively, uplifting tune, while the latter track exemplifies his ability in producing advanced plans that highlight the distinct talents of each artist.

Cooperations and Contributions
Throughout the album, Quincy Jones worked together with various Scandinavian musicians, highlighting their remarkable artistry. The cooperation with flugelhorn player Art Farmer on the fragile ballad "They Say It's Wonderful" reveals the duo's extraordinary synergy. Additionally, the album likewise features the popular Swedish vocalists Alice Babs on "Sermonette" and Monica Zetterlund on "Ack Värmeland, du sköna".

"Stockholm Sweetnin'" acts as a tribute to his early profession, his time spent in Sweden, and allure genre itself. The album perfectly encapsulates Quincy Jones' love for jazz and his incredible skill in developing ageless music. Through this collection, Quincy Jones presents lesser-known songs and uncommon recordings that deserve attention, sharing a side of his musical journey less explored by the mainstream audience. With its varied selection of tunes and collaborations, "Stockholm Sweetnin'" is a vital album for any jazz fan and a testimony to Quincy Jones' enduring musical genius.

Artist: Quincy Jones

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