Album: It's Up to You

"It depends on You" is a studio album by American singer-songwriter and artist Ricky Nelson, released in 1963. Known for his clean-cut image and smooth voice, Nelson quickly became a teenage heartthrob and influential artist of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Although not as commercially successful as a few of his earlier albums, "It's Up to You" marks a crucial phase in Nelson's career, and demonstrates his continued development as an artist.

Background and Production:
After a string of successful records in the late '50s and early '60s, Ricky Nelson got in the studio in 1962 to record his ninth album, which would ultimately become "It's Up to You". The album was produced by Jimmie Haskell and launched by the Imperial Records label. Haskell, who had actually dealt with a lot of Nelson's previous records, produced a sleek and expert sound that completely showcased the vocalist's creamy vocals. Nelson collaborated with songwriters Jerry Fuller, Baker Knight, and Johnny Burnette on various tracks.

Album Content and Style:
The album consists of 12 tracks, including the title track "It's Up to You", which peaked at number 6 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album showcases a mix of styles, from pop ballads and upbeat rockers to country-tinged tunes. The songwriting and melodies on "It's Up to You" are generally clean and smooth, showing Nelson's image and attract his younger fanbase. This is especially obvious in tracks like "I Will Follow You", with its romantic lyrics and contagious chorus, and the bouncy "I Got a Woman".

Nelson's evolution as an artist is also evident in a few of the album's tracks, especially the bluesy "Shirley Lee", which showcases his appreciation of early rock 'n' roll and rockabilly designs. Additionally, the introspective ballad "That's All She Wrote" showed Nelson's capability to move beyond the pop formula and take on more fully grown styles.

Upon its release, "It's Up to You" received combined evaluations from critics. While some praised Nelson's development as an artist and the diversity of musical designs on the album, others felt that the record did not rather measure up to the high requirements set by his previous work. However, the album peaked at number 29 on the United States Billboard 200 chart, proving to be a modest success.

Over the years, "It's Up to You" has actually acquired a cult following amongst fans of traditional pop and rock 'n' roll music. The album's title track remains a fan favorite, and several other songs from the record, such as "I Will Follow You" and "Shirley Lee", have ended up being treasured deep cuts in Nelson's extensive discography.

Despite not making a long lasting effect on the charts, "It's Up to You" acts as a testimony to Ricky Nelson's skill and appeal as a musician. The album catches the essence of his early profession and real prowess as a performer. Nelson's fusion of pop, rock 'n' roll, and country designs on the album was an early sign of the varied series of genres he would later on explore in his profession.

Nelson's impact as a pop-rock experience of the late 1950s and early 1960s can be felt even today, with his music continuing to inspire and captivate new generations of fans. The legacy of "It's Up to You" sustains as an essential piece of the puzzle that comprised the remarkable career of among the initial teen idols, Ricky Nelson.

Artist: Ricky Nelson

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