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"Rick is 21" is an album by Ricky Nelson, released in 1961 when the artist turned 21 years of ages. This album marked an important turning point in Nelson's profession as he emerged from his teenage years to accept the adult years. As a young artist who started his career in the late 50s, Ricky gained tremendous appeal for his fresh pop-rock noise that appealed to both teenagers and grownups alike. "Rick is 21" showcased this shift in the singer's life and profession, including a more fully grown noise that lay a strong foundation for the success he would continue to attain.

Album Background
The album was launched under the Imperial Records label, and it was Nelson's eighth studio effort. It featured 12 tracks that included both original compositions and covers of pop music by other artists. The album cover featured a picture of a smiling Ricky Nelson, symbolizing his happiness and satisfaction at that point in his life. He had already established himself as a leading pop-rock artist, acting in the tv series "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" and delighting in a number of hit singles.

Album Content
"Rick is 21" opened with the energetic and upbeat track "My One Desire", a song that showcased Ricky's love for rock 'n' roll, followed by "Again", a gentle and romantic ballad that highlighted Nelson's ability to deliver tender and heartfelt performances. Among the featured tracks were several covers of popular songs from the early '60s, such as "Hello Mary Lou", an appealing song penned by Gene Pitney and a hit for Nelson, and "I'm Not Afraid", a psychological ballad that further showed his variety as a singer.

One of the standout tracks on the album was "Travelin' Man", a song written by Jerry Fuller and considered one of Nelson's signature tunes. This positive and appealing track struck # 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and turned into one of Ricky's most famous songs. Other noteworthy tracks consisted of "Baby Won't You Please Come Home", a cover of a jazz standard, and "I 'd Climb the Highest Mountain", a sweet and romantic ballad.

Reception and Impact
"Rick is 21" was favorably received by both critics and fans, who praised the album for its constant quality and Ricky's newfound maturity as an artist. The album reached # 4 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, indicating its commercial success. Furthermore, the songs "Travelin' Man" and "Hello Mary Lou" became renowned hits that solidified Nelson's position as a leading figure in the pop and early rock 'n' roll scenes.

The album played a considerable role in solidifying Ricky Nelson's status as a successful adult artist, paving the way for the extension of his effective music profession throughout the '60s and beyond. With "Rick is 21", Ricky Nelson showed his flexibility, maturity, and capability to adapt to changing patterns within the music market, qualities that guaranteed his lasting effect and influence on future generations of artists.

"Rick is 21" functioned as a testimony to Ricky Nelson's enduring skill and ability to keep his appeal as he transitioned from a teenage heartthrob to a mature artist. The album, with its mix of initial songs and covers, proved the young singer's versatility and musical prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the history of pop-rock music. Today, "Rick is 21" remains a sentimental and pleasurable listen for fans old and brand-new, including tunes that continue to resonate with audiences majority a century after its release.

Artist: Ricky Nelson

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