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"Nugent" is the seventh studio album by American guitarist and rock artist Ted Nugent, launched in 1982. It came as a follow up to his previous album, "Intensities in 10 Cities", which included live recordings. The album includes a varied and energetic mix of heavy metal and hard rock, combining the raw power of Nugent's guitar-playing skills with his unique vocal prowess. Regardless of numerous line-up modifications for this album, with only Nugent and bassist Dave Kiswiney remaining from the previous albums, the album still handled to catch the essence of Nugent's work from his earlier days.

Background and Production
Recorded from October to November 1981 at the Power Station taping studio in New York City, "Nugent" was produced by Tom Werman, who had actually formerly worked with bands such as Cheap Trick and Mötley Crüe. After the departure of vocalist Derek St. Holmes and drummer Cliff Davies, Nugent employed various session artists to contribute to the album, including drummer Carmine Appice, who had actually formerly worked with the likes of Vanilla Fudge and Beck, Bogert & Appice.

The album includes a more refined production noise than Nugent's earlier works and replaces the usual band format with a diverse selection of musicians. This variation in sound can be partly attributed to the influence of Werman, who assisted style the album into a more commercially palatable product. The album cover, featuring Nugent flying through the air with his guitar surrounded by bolts of lightning, more adds to the album's overall hard rock and heavy metal visual.

Track Listing and Standout Songs
The album consists of ten tracks and consists of a mix of hard rock, heavy metal, and even some aspects of blues. Some of the standout tunes from the album are:

1. "No, No, No"-- Kicking off the album with a heavy guitar riff, this track showcases Nugent at his energetic best.
2. "Bound and Gagged"-- Highlighting Nugent's guitar virtuosity, this track showcases an appealing chorus and transmittable tune.
3. "Habitual Offender"-- A blues-influenced track, boasting a sluggish, heavy groove and powerful vocals.
4. "Fightin' Words"-- Another hard-rocking track with an appealing chorus, demonstrating Nugent's skill for blending timeless rock elements with heavy metal.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Nugent" received blended reviews from critics. Some praised the album for its energetic and effective efficiencies and appealing songwriting, while others criticized it for its absence of consistency and weaker tracks. In spite of the blended reception, the album achieved moderate industrial success, reaching number 51 on the Billboard 200 chart and making a gold accreditation.

With time, "Nugent" has actually gained a following amongst fans of the guitar player's work, especially for its standout tracks and Nugent's signature guitar playing. Although it may not be considered his conclusive album, "Nugent" remains an important addition to the discography of one of rock's most popular guitarists.

"Nugent" provides a look of Ted Nugent's signature guitar expertise combined with a polished production noise reflective of the 1980s hard rock and heavy metal scene. While the album may not be his most seriously well-known work, it still supplies listeners with a collection of powerful tracks showcasing Nugent's musical variety and skill. In retrospection, "Nugent" is a typically ignored and underrated album that should have recognition for its contribution to Nugent's discography and the more comprehensive rock landscape.

Artist: Ted Nugent

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