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"Weekend Warriors" is the 4th studio album by American rock musician Ted Nugent, released in 1978. Following the success of his previous album, "Cat Scratch Fever", Nugent went back to the studio with a new lineup and continued to strengthen his reputation as one of the top hard rock acts of the 1970s. The album includes a mix of hard rock and heavy metal elements, in addition to Nugent's hallmark guitar solos and high-energy efficiencies. Although not as successful as some of his earlier work, "Weekend Warriors" remains a significant part of Nugent's discography and showcases his abilities as a songwriter and entertainer.

New Lineup and Production
For the recording of "Weekend Warriors", Nugent assembled a new lineup of artists to back him up. Long time band members Derek St. Holmes (vocals/guitar) and Rob Grange (bass) had actually left the group, being replaced by Charlie Huhn (vocals/guitar) and Dave Kiswiney (bass). Drummer Cliff Davies remained in the band, also using up the role of producer along with Lew Futterman.

The new lineup brought a fresh energy to the band, with Huhn's more aggressive vocals and Kiswiney's strong bass work complementing Nugent's manic guitar playing. The result was a tight, powerful sound, with the band checking out more intricate arrangements and Nugent showcasing his virtuosity through longer solos and elaborate playing.

Track Listing and Songs
"Weekend Warriors" includes a total of 9 tracks. The album begins with the title song, a rocker that highlights Nugent's expertise on guitar and features lyrics about the wild, carefree days invested partying and taking pleasure in life. "One Woman" is a more romantic tune, showcasing Huhn's versatility as a vocalist and showing that Nugent could compose ballads just as successfully as heavier tunes.

Other notable tracks on the album are "Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine", a catchy ode to friendship and good times, and "Name Your Poison", a hard-rocking caution about the risks of alcohol and drug abuse. The album also contains the controversial song "Venom Soup", featuring lyrics about a surreal world populated by unsafe characters and disturbing situations.

"Weekend Warriors" was met with blended evaluations from critics, who praised Nugent's guitar work but were more divided on the songwriting and Huhn's vocals. The album peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 200 chart and generated the moderate hit single "Need You Bad", which reached number 54 on the Hot 100 chart. Regardless of the mixed reception, "Weekend Warriors" has gone on to be regarded as a classic hard rock album from the late 1970s and a fundamental part of Nugent's discography.

Although "Weekend Warriors" might not have actually garnered the exact same business success as Ted Nugent's earlier efforts, it remains a crucial album within his catalog. The introduction of a new lineup brought a fresh point of view to Nugent's sound, causing the experimentation with different musical styles and lyrical styles.

In more recent years, Nugent has carried out a number of songs from "Weekend Warriors" during his live programs, with longtime fans valuing the album's place in his musical journey. As one of the leading guitarists and performers of the 1970s, "Weekend Warriors" captures Ted Nugent at a critical point in his profession, assisting to solidify his status as a famous rock artist.

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