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A friend is one soul abiding in two bodies

"A friend is one soul abiding in two bodies"

- Diogenes

About this Quote

This quote by Diogenes talks to the power of relationship and the deep connection that can exist in between two people. It recommends that a true friend is more than just a casual acquaintance, however rather a person who is deeply linked to another on a spiritual level. The phrase "one soul abiding in 2 bodies" indicates that 2 individuals can become so close that they end up being almost one entity, sharing a single soul. This quote emphasizes the importance of relationship and the strength of the bond that can be formed between two individuals. It suggests that a true friend is someone who is constantly there for you, no matter what, and who understands you on a much deeper level than anyone else. A good friend is somebody who is constantly there to support you, to listen to you, and to be there for you in times of requirement. A pal is someone who is always there to share your joys and griefs, and to be a source of convenience and strength. A buddy is somebody who is constantly there to select you up when you fall, and to help you reach your objectives. A pal is one soul abiding in two bodies.

About the Author

Diogenes This quote is written / told by Diogenes between 412 BC and 323 BC. He was a famous Philosopher from Greece. The author also have 27 other quotes.

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