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A grand jury hears only one side - that of the prosecutor

"A grand jury hears only one side - that of the prosecutor"

- Donella Meadows

About this Quote

This quote by Donella Meadows is a commentary on the power of the prosecutor in a grand jury. A grand jury is a group of citizens who are asked to choose whether or not there is enough evidence to bring criminal charges against someone. The grand jury just hears the district attorney's side of the story, which means that the prosecutor has a great deal of impact over the outcome of the case. This quote is a reminder that the district attorney has a great deal of power in the criminal justice system, which the grand jury ought to be aware of this power imbalance. It is necessary for the grand jury to be knowledgeable about the district attorney's impact and to ensure that they are making a notified decision based on all the evidence presented.

About the Author

Donella Meadows This quote is written / told by Donella Meadows between March 14, 1941 and February 20, 2001. She was a famous Environmentalist from USA. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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