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Advertising is legalized lying

"Advertising is legalized lying"

- H.G. Wells

About this Quote

H. G. Wells' quote "Advertising is legislated lying" is a commentary on the deceptive nature of marketing. He suggests that marketing is a form of deception, as it often presents a service or product in a manner that is not entirely precise. Marketing can be used to manipulate people into purchasing something they might not require or want, or to make a product or service appear preferred than it actually is. Wells' quote suggests that marketing is a form of dishonesty, as it frequently misrepresents the reality in order to make a sale. This quote acts as a pointer to be mindful of the info provided in ads, and to be knowledgeable about the potential for deceptiveness.

About the Author

H.G. Wells This quote is written / told by H.G. Wells between September 21, 1866 and August 13, 1946. He was a famous Author from England, the quote is categorized under the topic Legal. The author also have 40 other quotes.

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