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All movements go too far

"All movements go too far"

- Bertrand Russell

About this Quote

Bertrand Russell's quote "All movements go too far" recommends that all political or social movements, no matter their original intent or function, tend to become extreme in their actions or beliefs. This quote emphasizes the human propensity to take radical measures in order to achieve our objectives or defend our worths, and how this frequently results in unexpected effects that can harm the very people we are attempting to help. Russell's quote acts as a caution that we should be cautious of ending up being too stiff in our beliefs, as this can result in closed-minded thinking and actions that exceed what is affordable or ethical. Eventually, his quote reminds us to think about the wider effects of our actions and to pursue balance and moderation in our pursuit of social or political modification.

About the Author

Bertrand Russell This quote is written / told by Bertrand Russell between May 18, 1872 and February 2, 1970. He was a famous Philosopher from United Kingdom. The author also have 102 other quotes.

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