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All systems are oligarchy. There is no other

"All systems are oligarchy. There is no other"

- Tom Metzger

About this Quote

This quote by Tom Metzger is a commentary on the power dynamics of the world. He is recommending that all systems of governance, whether they be political, economic, or social, are ultimately managed by a little group of individuals. This small group of people, or oligarchy, is the one that holds the power and decides that affect the lives of everybody else. This quote implies that there is no other method for a system to be run, and that the power of the couple of will always be the choosing aspect. This quote is a reminder that the power of the couple of can be used for both excellent and bad, which it is very important to be familiar with the power characteristics in any system. It also functions as a warning that those in power need to not be enabled to abuse their power, as it can have a detrimental effect on the lives of those who are not in power.

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Tom Metzger This quote is written / told by Tom Metzger somewhere between April 9, 1938 and today. He was a famous Celebrity from USA. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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