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All the libel lawyers will tell you theres no libel any more, that everyones given up

"All the libel lawyers will tell you there's no libel any more, that everyone's given up"

- Ian Hislop

About this Quote

This quote by Ian Hislop is referring to the current state of libel law in the United Kingdom. Libel is a type of disparagement that is composed or released, and it is unlawful in the UK. Hislop is suggesting that libel legal representatives have discovered a decrease in libel cases, which individuals have actually ended up being more accepting of criticism and less most likely to take legal action. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as the rise of social networks and the increased access to info, which has made it simpler for people to express their viewpoints without worry of legal repercussions. It could likewise be because of a shift in public opinion, with individuals ending up being more tolerant of criticism and less likely to take offense. Whatever the reason, Hislop's quote suggests that libel law is no longer as reliable as it once was, and that individuals are more ready to accept criticism without turning to legal action.

About the Author

This quote is written / told by Ian Hislop somewhere between July 13, 1960 and today. He/she was a famous Editor from Welsh, the quote is categorized under the topic Legal. The author also have 6 other quotes.

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