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But generally speaking, I tend to be quiet and introspective - Rowan Atkinson

"But generally speaking, I tend to be quiet and introspective"

- Rowan Atkinson

About this Quote

Rowan Atkinson's quote suggests that he is a person who is generally reserved and thoughtful. He prefers to observe and reflect on his surroundings rather than be the center of attention. This could be due to his introverted nature, or it could be because he is a deep thinker who likes to take his time to process information. He may also be a person who is more comfortable in his own company, or he may simply prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Whatever the reason, it is clear that he is a person who is content to be quiet and introspective. This could be a great strength, as it allows him to take a step back and gain perspective on any situation. It could also be a great asset in his professional life, as it allows him to think through decisions carefully and make informed choices.

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England Flag This quote is written / told by Rowan Atkinson somewhere between January 6, 1956 and today. He/she was a famous Comedian from England. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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