Famous quote by Arthur Balfour

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Enthusiasm moves the world

"Enthusiasm moves the world"

- Arthur Balfour

About this Quote

This quote by Arthur Balfour speaks with the power of interest and its capability to drive development and change. It recommends that enthusiasm is a powerful force that can be used to motivate and influence individuals to do something about it and make a distinction. It indicates that enthusiasm is a key ingredient in accomplishing success and making a favorable effect on the world. It likewise recommends that interest is contagious and can spread rapidly, developing a causal sequence of favorable change. This quote motivates us to be passionate and inspired in our pursuits, as interest can be a powerful tool for making a distinction. It advises us that interest is an effective force that can be used to develop favorable modification and make the world a better place.

About the Author

Arthur Balfour This quote is written / told by Arthur Balfour between July 25, 1848 and March 19, 1930. He was a famous Statesman from United Kingdom. The author also have 7 other quotes.

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