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Fools admire, but men of sense approve

"Fools admire, but men of sense approve"

- Alexander Pope

About this Quote

This quote by Alexander Pope is a suggestion that it is very important to believe for ourselves and not be swayed by the viewpoints of others. It is simple to be affected by the opinions of those around us, but it is very important to put in the time to think for ourselves and make choices based upon our own judgement. The quote recommends that it is silly to simply appreciate something without making the effort to consider it and make a notified decision. Instead, it is smart to take the time to think of the scenario and make a decision based on our own sense and judgement. This quote motivates us to be independent thinkers and to make choices based on our own understanding and judgement.

About the Author

Alexander Pope This quote is written / told by Alexander Pope between May 21, 1688 and May 30, 1744. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 88 other quotes.

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