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Glaciers are almost gone from Glacier National Park

"Glaciers are almost gone from Glacier National Park"

- Donella Meadows

About this Quote

Donella Meadows' quote about glaciers in Glacier National Park is a plain reminder of the impacts of environment change. The glaciers in the park are melting at a worrying rate, and if present patterns continue, they will soon be gone. This is a catastrophe, as the glaciers are a vital part of the park's community, providing water for the plants and animals that live there. The loss of the glaciers will have a destructive effect on the park's biodiversity, along with the local economy, which relies greatly on tourism. The quote serves as a call to action, urging us to take steps to decrease our carbon emissions and safeguard our planet. We should act now to guarantee that Glacier National Park and its glaciers are maintained for future generations.

About the Author

Donella Meadows This quote is written / told by Donella Meadows between March 14, 1941 and February 20, 2001. She was a famous Environmentalist from USA. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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