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I didnt care where my works were published

"I didn't care where my works were published"

- Ben Shahn

About this Quote

In this quote, artist Ben Shahn expresses his indifference towards the publication of his works. He does not place importance on where his art is shown or shown the public. This could recommend that Shahn's focus was not on acquiring acknowledgment or fame, however rather on the development of his art itself. He may have thought that the true value of his work depends on the procedure of developing it, instead of in its reception by others. This quote likewise reflects Shahn's commitment to his craft, as he was more worried about the act of developing rather than completion result.

About the Author

Ben Shahn This quote is written / told by Ben Shahn between September 12, 1898 and March 14, 1969. He was a famous Artist from Lithuania. The author also have 26 other quotes.

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