Famous quote by Alan Bean

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I feel like theres too many paintings left unpainted that I just dont want to take the time away

"I feel like there's too many paintings left unpainted that I just don't want to take the time away"

- Alan Bean

About this Quote

This quote by Alan Bean speaks to the idea of time being a valuable commodity. He is revealing his regret that he does not have enough time to pursue all of his creative aspirations. He is lamenting the truth that he has numerous concepts and jobs that he wants to pursue, however he does not have the time to do them all. He is expressing his desire to maximize his time and to make certain that he is able to pursue all of his imaginative endeavors. He is also expressing his fear that he will not be able to accomplish all of his goals due to the limited quantity of time he has. This quote speaks with the idea that time is a limited resource which we should maximize it in order to achieve our goals.

About the Author

Alan Bean This quote is written / told by Alan Bean between March 15, 1932 and May 26, 2018. He was a famous Astronaut from USA. The author also have 12 other quotes.

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