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I had a 20-year, stellar government career

"I had a 20-year, stellar government career"

- Linda Tripp

About this Quote

In this quote, Linda Tripp is explaining her professional profession in the government. She mentions that she had a 20-year career, which suggests that she had a long and successful period in the federal government. Using the word "outstanding" even more stresses her accomplishments and recommends that she was extremely related to and achieved in her function. This quote likewise implies that Tripp was committed and devoted to her work, as a 20-year career in the federal government requires a considerable quantity of time and effort. Overall, this quote highlights Tripp's pride and fulfillment in her federal government profession and showcases her as a skilled and accomplished person.

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Linda Tripp This quote is written / told by Linda Tripp somewhere between November 24, 1949 and today. She was a famous Celebrity from USA. The author also have 10 other quotes.

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