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I hate victims who respect their executioners

"I hate victims who respect their executioners"

- Jean-Paul Sartre

About this Quote

Jean-Paul Sartre's quote speaks with the concept of power dynamics and the injustice of the oppressed. He is slamming those who are victims of injustice, yet still show respect to their oppressors. He thinks that by respecting their oppressors, victims are permitting themselves to be additional oppressed and are not defending their rights. He is recommending that victims need to not show regard to their oppressors, but instead should defend their rights and freedom. This quote is a call to action for victims of injustice to stand up for themselves and not accept the status quo. It is a reminder that victims should not be contented and ought to aim to develop a better world for themselves and others.

About the Author

Jean-Paul Sartre This quote is written / told by Jean-Paul Sartre between June 21, 1905 and April 15, 1980. He was a famous Philosopher from France. The author also have 58 other quotes.

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