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I have a lot of vanity

"I have a lot of vanity"

- Jack Nicholson

About this Quote

Jack Nicholson's quote "I have a great deal of vanity" suggests that he is very self-indulgent and also proud of his appearance. He likely takes wonderful pride in his physical appearance as well as is certain in his very own capabilities. He may additionally be referring to his achievements and successes, as he has achieved a good deal in his job. Vanity can likewise be interpreted as a need for adoration and acknowledgment, which Nicholson has certainly accomplished. His quote could also be interpreted as an indication of instability, as he might be attempting to overcompensate for his very own instabilities by emphasizing his vanity. Eventually, Nicholson's quote is a representation of his very own self-image as well as just how he perceives himself.

About the Author

Jack Nicholson This quote is written / told by Jack Nicholson somewhere between April 22, 1937 and today. He was a famous Actor from USA. The author also have 43 other quotes.

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