Famous quote by Arthur Balfour

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I never forgive, but I always forget

"I never forgive, but I always forget"

- Arthur Balfour

About this Quote

This quote by Arthur Balfour suggests that the speaker is not one to hold animosities or seek revenge, but rather picks to proceed and ignore the wrongdoings of others. It might likewise indicate that the speaker does not stay on past injures or enable them to affect their present or future. This mindset could be viewed as a type of forgiveness, as the speaker is not actively looking for retribution, but rather choosing to let go and move forward. It might likewise be analyzed as a way of protecting oneself from unfavorable emotions and keeping bitterness. In general, this quote highlights the value of forgiveness and the power of releasing.

About the Author

Arthur Balfour This quote is written / told by Arthur Balfour between July 25, 1848 and March 19, 1930. He was a famous Statesman from United Kingdom. The author also have 7 other quotes.

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