Imagination quote by George S. Patton

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If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isnt thinking

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking"

- George S. Patton

About this Quote

This quote by George S. Patton is a reminder that it is essential to believe for oneself and not simply follow the crowd. It is simple to get captured up in the opinions of others and to forget to form our own opinions. Nevertheless, if everybody is believing the exact same way, then it is most likely that someone is not thinking at all. This quote motivates us to believe critically and to form our own viewpoints, even if they differ from the majority. It is essential to bear in mind that it is alright to think in a different way and to challenge the status quo. Believing for oneself is vital for personal development and advancement.

About the Author

George S. Patton This quote is written / told by George S. Patton between November 11, 1885 and December 21, 1945. He was a famous Soldier from USA, the quote is categorized under the topic Imagination. The author also have 33 other quotes.

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