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If I had nine of my fingers missing I wouldnt type any slower

"If I had nine of my fingers missing I wouldn't type any slower"

- Mitch Hedberg

About this Quote

This quote by Mitch Hedberg is an amusing way of expressing the idea that physical limitations do not necessarily restrict one's ability to do something. He is recommending that even if he were to lose nine of his fingers, he would still be able to type simply as quickly as he does now. This is a method of emphasizing that physical restrictions do not necessarily restrict one's capability to do something. It is a suggestion that even if we are physically restricted, we can still achieve our objectives and do what we set out to do. Hedberg's quote is a suggestion that we need to not let physical restrictions stop us from accomplishing our goals. We need to not let our physical constraints specify us, however instead utilize them as a source of motivation to push ourselves to do our finest.

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Mitch Hedberg This quote is written / told by Mitch Hedberg between February 24, 1968 and March 30, 2005. He was a famous Comedian from USA. The author also have 50 other quotes.

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