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Judaism is a conspiracy against all races

"Judaism is a conspiracy against all races"

- Tom Metzger

About this Quote

This quote by Tom Metzger is a clear example of anti-semitism. It indicates that Judaism is a malicious force that is out to hurt other races. This is a false and hazardous belief that has actually been utilized to validate discrimination and violence against Jewish individuals throughout history. It is essential to acknowledge that this quote is rooted in prejudice and bigotry, and should not be taken seriously. Judaism is a religious beliefs that is based upon concepts of justice, compassion, and regard for all people. It is a faith that celebrates diversity and encourages its followers to be excellent stewards of the world. This quote is an example of how bias and hatred can be used to spread out false information and produce department. We should decline this type of rhetoric and rather make every effort to produce a world where everybody is respected and accepted.

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Tom Metzger This quote is written / told by Tom Metzger somewhere between April 9, 1938 and today. He was a famous Celebrity from USA. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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