Famous quote by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Nothing like a little judicious levity

"Nothing like a little judicious levity"

- Robert Louis Stevenson

About this Quote

This quote by Robert Louis Stevenson is encouraging the use of humor in a wise and cautious way. He is suggesting that humor can be utilized to lighten the mood and bring pleasure to a circumstance. Humor can be used to start a conversation in a tense situation, to make a hard conversation simpler, or to bring a smile to somebody's face. It can also be used to make a point in a more palatable method. Humor can be a powerful tool when utilized in properly. It can assist to bring people together, to produce a sense of friendship, and to make a scenario more enjoyable. It is essential to remember, however, that humor must be used in a considerate and proper manner. Excessive levity can be viewed as inappropriate and even offending. Therefore, it is essential to use humor carefully and with factor to consider for the circumstance.

About the Author

Robert Louis Stevenson This quote is written / told by Robert Louis Stevenson between November 13, 1850 and December 3, 1894. He was a famous Writer from Scotland. The author also have 83 other quotes.

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