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On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me

"On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me"

- Rodney Dangerfield

About this Quote

In this quote, comic Rodney Dangerfield is making a joke about Halloween. He is stating that on this holiday, parents dress their children up in outfits that make them look like him. This is an amusing method of stating that the kids are dressed in amusing or ridiculous outfits. It likewise implies that Dangerfield himself is a humorous and recognizable figure, as parents would pick to dress their kids like him. This quote highlights the spirited and easy going nature of Halloween, where individuals of any ages can dress up and have a good time. It also showcases Dangerfield's self-deprecating humor and capability to make light of any circumstance.

About the Author

Rodney Dangerfield This quote is written / told by Rodney Dangerfield between November 22, 1921 and October 5, 2004. He was a famous Comedian from USA. The author also have 50 other quotes.

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