Famous quote by Napoleon Bonaparte

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One must change ones tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain ones superiority

"One must change one's tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority"

- Napoleon Bonaparte

About this Quote

Napoleon Bonaparte's quote recommends that in order to stay successful and keep an advantage over others, one must be willing to adjust and adjust their techniques and techniques every ten years. This is because the world is constantly changing and evolving, and what may have achieved success in the past might no longer work in the present. By changing strategies every 10 years, one can remain ahead of the competitors and remain remarkable. This could imply anything from changing the way one markets their product or service, to changing the method one communicates with customers or clients. It might also mean benefiting from brand-new innovations or patterns that have emerged in the previous decade. Ultimately, the quote is a pointer that in order to stay ahead of the competitors, one need to want to change and adjust their techniques in order to remain effective.

About the Author

Napoleon Bonaparte This quote is written / told by Napoleon Bonaparte between August 15, 1769 and May 5, 1821. He was a famous Leader from France. The author also have 82 other quotes.

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