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Only the mad girls chase me, I think

"Only the mad girls chase me, I think"

- Prince William

About this Quote

In this quote, Prince William is expressing his ideas on the attention he receives from women. He refers to them as "mad," which might suggest that they are excessively enthusiastic or even obsessed with him. However, he also acknowledges that it is only these "mad" women who pursue him, suggesting that he is not as desirable to others. This could be viewed as a modest declaration, as he is not boasting about his popularity with all women, however rather acknowledging that it is only a select few who are interested in him. In general, the quote showcases Prince William's modesty and self-awareness.

About the Author

Prince William This quote is written / told by Prince William somewhere between June 21, 1982 and today. He was a famous Royalty from United Kingdom. The author also have 16 other quotes.

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