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Perfectionists are their own devils

"Perfectionists are their own devils"

- Jack Kirby

About this Quote

This quote by Jack Kirby talks to the concept that perfectionists can be their own worst enemies. Perfectionists frequently set unrealistic expectations on their own, and when they don't meet those expectations, they can become their own worst critics. This can result in feelings of regret, pity, and insufficiency. Perfectionists may likewise become so concentrated on achieving perfection that they become overloaded and not able to finish tasks. This can result in procrastination and an absence of motivation. Perfectionists might also end up being so concentrated on the details that they lose sight of the larger image. This can lead to a lack of imagination and innovation. Ultimately, perfectionists can become their own devils when they become too focused on achieving excellence and forget the larger photo.

About the Author

Jack Kirby This quote is written / told by Jack Kirby between August 28, 1917 and February 6, 1994. He was a famous Cartoonist from USA. The author also have 7 other quotes.

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