Famous quote by Lionel Hampton

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Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating

"Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating"

- Lionel Hampton

About this Quote

In this quote, Lionel Hampton reveals his deep connection to playing music. He sees it as more than simply a pastime or a form of entertainment, however rather as a point of view, talking, and interacting. For Hampton, playing music is a method of expressing himself and getting in touch with others. It is a language that transcends words and allows him to communicate his thoughts and emotions in an effective and significant way. Through his music, Hampton has the ability to communicate with others on a deeper level, producing a sense of unity and understanding. Playing is not just an ability for him, however a lifestyle.

About the Author

Lionel Hampton This quote is written / told by Lionel Hampton between April 20, 1908 and August 31, 2002. He was a famous Musician from USA. The author also have 12 other quotes.

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