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The European nations take climate change very seriously

"The European nations take climate change very seriously"

- Donella Meadows

About this Quote

Donella Meadows' quote suggests that the European nations are taking a proactive method to attending to climate change. This is likely due to the reality that Europe is especially susceptible to the effects of environment change, such as increasing water level, severe weather condition events, and the spread of diseases. European countries have executed a variety of procedures to decrease their carbon emissions, such as investing in renewable resource sources, executing carbon taxes, and introducing energy effectiveness requirements. Additionally, the European Union has actually set enthusiastic targets for decreasing emissions and has dedicated to accomplishing carbon neutrality by 2050. This shows the seriousness with which European countries are taking the concern of climate change and their dedication to tackling it.

About the Author

Donella Meadows This quote is written / told by Donella Meadows between March 14, 1941 and February 20, 2001. She was a famous Environmentalist from USA. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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