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The historian is a prophet looking backward

"The historian is a prophet looking backward"

- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

About this Quote

This quote by Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel indicates that a chronicler has the capability to look back at past occasions and also circumstances and also provide insights as well as forecasts concerning the future. To put it simply, a historian has the unique capability to assess and also interpret the past in order to get a far better understanding of today as well as predict what could take place in the future.

Schlegel was a German thinker, literary movie critic, and also a leading number of German Romanticism. He believed that background was important to recognizing human society and that the chronicler had the duty of giving others with a larger perspective on the past.

In this quote, Schlegel also recommends that background can be viewed as a method to prepare for future patterns and occasions. By researching the patterns of the past, chroniclers can assist us to much better recognize the here and now and also plan for the future.

On the whole, this quote emphasizes the relevance of historic expertise as well as the value of utilizing it to predict and also form the globe around us.

About the Author

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel This quote is written / told by Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel between March 10, 1772 and January 12, 1829. He was a famous Poet from Germany. The author also have 69 other quotes.

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