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There are no miracles in agricultural production

"There are no miracles in agricultural production"

- Norman Borlaug

About this Quote

Norman Borlaug's quote "There are no miracles in agricultural production" is a pointer that success in farming is not achieved through luck or divine intervention, but through effort and commitment. He was a Nobel Peace Prize-winning agronomist who established high-yielding crop ranges and assisted to lower world hunger. His quote stresses the significance of taking a scientific approach to farming, rather than relying on superstition or chance. It also functions as a suggestion that the success of a farm is figured out by the effort put into it. By purchasing research study, technology, and education, farmers can increase their yields and improve their incomes. Borlaug's quote is a pointer that farming production is a complicated process that needs understanding, skill, and dedication. It is not something that can be achieved through luck or magnificent intervention.

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USA Flag This quote is written / told by Norman Borlaug somewhere between March 25, 1914 and today. He/she was a famous Scientist from USA. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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