Famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi

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There is a sufficiency in the world for mans need but not for mans greed

"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed"

- Mahatma Gandhi

About this Quote

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi talks to the idea that the world has sufficient resources to meet the needs of all people, however not enough to please the greed of some. He is recommending that if individuals concentrate on their needs rather than their desires, there will be enough for everybody. He is likewise implying that greed is a problem that can result in an absence of resources for those who require them. He is encouraging individuals to be conscious of their intake and to consider how their actions can impact others. He is also recommending that if individuals are more mindful of their consumption, they can help to make sure that everyone has access to the resources they need. This quote is a pointer that we should all make every effort to be mindful of our intake and to think about how our actions can affect others.

About the Author

Mahatma Gandhi This quote is written / told by Mahatma Gandhi between October 2, 1869 and January 30, 1948. He was a famous Leader from India. The author also have 160 other quotes.

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