Famous quote by Alexander Pope

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Those move easiest who have learnd to dance

"Those move easiest who have learn'd to dance"

- Alexander Pope

About this Quote

This quote by Alexander Pope is a metaphor for life. It suggests that those who have actually learned to adjust to life's changing circumstances and challenges will discover it simpler to move through life. It indicates that those who have found out to be flexible and open to change will have the ability to browse life's obstacles with greater ease. It likewise suggests that those who have found out to accept and embrace change will be much better equipped to handle the unforeseen. The quote motivates us to be open up to finding out new skills and adjusting to brand-new situations. It motivates us to be durable and to take risks in order to grow and develop. Ultimately, it motivates us to be proactive in our approach to life and to be going to take threats in order to move forward.

About the Author

Alexander Pope This quote is written / told by Alexander Pope between May 21, 1688 and May 30, 1744. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 88 other quotes.

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