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To be an actor, a true actor, you have to be brokenhearted

"To be an actor, a true actor, you have to be brokenhearted"

- Shia LaBeouf

About this Quote

Shia LaBeouf's quote recommends that to be a successful star, one need to be mentally vulnerable. This means that an actor should have the ability to take advantage of their own feelings and experiences in order to portray a character authentically. To do this, an actor should want to open themselves up to the pain and suffering of the character they are playing. They must want to feel the emotions of the character and to be emotionally impacted by them. This needs a particular level of emotional openness and vulnerability, which can be difficult to attain. By being brokenhearted, a star can access the depths of their emotions and utilize them to create a powerful and credible efficiency.

About the Author

Shia LaBeouf This quote is written / told by Shia LaBeouf somewhere between June 11, 1986 and today. He was a famous Actor from USA. The author also have 41 other quotes.

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