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Travelers are like poets. They are mostly an angry race

"Travelers are like poets. They are mostly an angry race"

- Richard Burton

About this Quote

This quote by Richard Burton recommends that tourists and poets share a common characteristic: they are frequently filled with anger. This might be due to the reality that both travelers and poets are frequently searching for something, whether it be a physical location or a much deeper understanding of the world. This search can be tough and frequently leads to feelings of frustration and anger. In addition, both travelers and poets are often outsiders, looking in on the world from a different viewpoint. This can result in sensations of alienation and a sense of being misconstrued, which can likewise add to feelings of anger. Eventually, this quote suggests that travelers and poets are both enthusiastic individuals who are driven by a desire to check out and understand the world, which this passion can in some cases manifest itself as anger.

About the Author

This quote is written / told by Richard Burton between November 10, 1925 and August 5, 1984. He was a famous Actor from Welsh. The author also have 15 other quotes.

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