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When the rich wage war, its the poor who die

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die"

- Jean-Paul Sartre

About this Quote

This quote by Jean-Paul Sartre speaks with the power characteristics in between the wealthy and the bad. It recommends that when the wealthy, who have the resources and power to do so, choose to wage war, it is the bad who suffer the most. The quote indicates that the rich are not the ones who are on the front lines of battle, however rather it is the poor who are required to fight and pass away in the name of the rich. This quote speaks with the unfairness of the circumstance, as the wealthy are not the ones who are paying the supreme rate for their decisions. It likewise speaks to the power imbalance between the wealthy and the poor, as the rich have the ability to make choices that have a direct effect on the lives of the poor without having to suffer the consequences.

About the Author

Jean-Paul Sartre This quote is written / told by Jean-Paul Sartre between June 21, 1905 and April 15, 1980. He was a famous Philosopher from France. The author also have 58 other quotes.

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