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Where two take counsel there is no lack of plans

"Where two take counsel there is no lack of plans"

- Silius Italicus

About this Quote

This quote by Silius Italicus speaks with the power of collaboration and the value of seeking advice from others. It suggests that when 2 individuals come together to go over and plan, there is no scarcity of ideas. This is since everyone brings their own special point of view and experience to the table, which can cause imaginative options and ingenious plans. The quote also indicates that two heads are much better than one, which interacting can lead to higher success than working alone. This is due to the fact that two individuals can supply each other with support, motivation, and positive criticism, which can help to improve and enhance strategies. Eventually, this quote motivates us to seek out the advice of others and to collaborate with others in order to come up with the very best possible strategies.

About the Author

This quote is written / told by Silius Italicus. He/she was a famous Poet. The author also have 3 other quotes.

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