Thriller Works 

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Beast (1991) by Peter Benchley
Beast in View (1955) by Margaret Millar
Bel Canto (2001) by Ann Patchett
Black and Blue (1998) by Anna Quindlen
Casino Royale (1953) by Ian Fleming
Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1981) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Code Orange (2005) by Caroline B. Cooney
Come, Shadow, Come (1975) by Auberon Waugh
Diamonds Are Forever (1956) by Ian Fleming
Do Evil in Return (1950) by Margaret Millar
Fire Will Freeze (1944) by Margaret Millar
From Russia with Love (1957) by Ian Fleming
Imaginary Friend (2019) by Stephen Chbosky
Jaws (1974) by Peter Benchley
Live and Let Die (1954) by Ian Fleming
Misery (1987) by Stephen King
Moonraker (1955) by Ian Fleming
Oil Cargoes & Satellites (1980) by Jack Kelley
Punisher MAX (2004) by Garth Ennis
Q Clearance (1986) by Peter Benchley
Rose's Last Summer, Tiny Rose's Last Summer (1952) by Margaret Millar
The Boys (2006) by Garth Ennis
The Deep (1976) by Peter Benchley
The Devil Loves Me (1942) by Margaret Millar
The Face on the Milk Carton (1990) by Caroline B. Cooney
The Game of X (1965) by Robert Sheckley
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (2007) by Stieg Larsson
The Girl Who Played with Fire (2006) by Stieg Larsson
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2005) by Stieg Larsson
The Guardian (2003) by Nicholas Sparks
The Invisible Worm (1941) by Margaret Millar
The Iron Gates (1945) by Margaret Millar
The Island (1979) by Peter Benchley
The Man Who Was Thursday (1908) by Gilbert K. Chesterton
The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro (1997) by Antonio Tabucchi
The Scholars of Night (1988) by John M. Ford
The Trespassers (1950) by Margaret Lee Runbeck
The Voice on the Radio (1996) by Caroline B. Cooney
The Weak-Eyed Bat (1942) by Margaret Millar
The Witness (2012) by Nora Roberts
Two Minutes Till Midnight (1955) by Elmer Davis
Vanish in an Instant (1952) by Margaret Millar
Wall of Eyes (1943) by Margaret Millar
White Shark (1994) by Peter Benchley