Book: Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!

"Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!" is a 1999 children's book written by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser. The book is a part of the author's series of books featuring a protagonist named Olivia, who enters into numerous funny scenarios. In this light-hearted tale, Olivia's moms and dads attempt to help her ended up being more organized by discovering inventive methods to deal with her mess, only to discover that their child's disorderly world may have some advantages after all.

Main Characters and Plot
The primary character of the story is Olivia, a girl who is known for being extraordinarily untidy. She has a more youthful sister called Sophie, who is the precise reverse - neat, arranged, and neat. Their moms and dads are desperate to help Olivia learn the significance of tidiness and organization.

The story begins with a description of Olivia's room, which is shockingly untidy. Clothes, toys, and numerous products cover every surface area, making it nearly difficult to find anything. However, Olivia herself is barely interested in the turmoil, as she claims that she knows exactly where everything is. Her mama, dad, and sibling often remind her to tidy up, but Olivia is not troubled by their constant reminders.

Throughout the book, numerous attempts are made by Olivia's moms and dads to teach her the value of being arranged. They try creating a chores chart, setting up a reward system for cleansing, and even arranging her space for her. Yet, Olivia stays as unpleasant as ever, and her space rapidly goes back to its previous chaotic state.

The Turning Point
The turning point in the story comes when Olivia's sis, Sophie, captures a cold, which results in a flu epidemic at their school. With Sophie bedridden, Olivia presumes the obligation of taking care of her more youthful sister. To everyone's surprise, Olivia quickly takes control of the scenario, making soup, monitoring Sophie's medications, and helping her stay comfortable.

During this time, another chaotic occasion happens: Olivia's mom mistakenly spills a cup of coffee on her crucial files. Disappointed and upset, she struggles to find a method to repair the circumstance. However, Olivia comes to her mom's rescue by providing her with useful ideas on how to eliminate coffee stains from paper. The tips work, and the mother's documents are conserved.

The Family's Realization
As Olivia effectively deals with the various messy situations with resourcefulness and calm, her family begins to realize that her messiness might in fact be available in useful in specific circumstances. Rather than scolding her for her untidy routines, they begin to value the distinct qualities Olivia brings to the household.

At the end of the book, the household comes together to commemorate Olivia's successes throughout the influenza epidemic and help her tidy up her space. Although they now accept Olivia's unpleasant nature, they still encourage her to deal with becoming more arranged. With their support, Olivia is willing to give it a shot.

"Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!" showcases the significance of accepting people's differences and finding the value in apparently negative traits. It teaches readers that, while tidiness and company are necessary, exceptions can be made, and there can be concealed advantages to a mess.

The book's amusing and easy going tone, combined with its important lesson, makes it a satisfying reading experience for kids and parents alike. Its message of acceptance and understanding promotes empathy, assisting children to welcome both their own quirks and those of others. In general, this interesting story is a delightful read for families, providing laughter and heat while motivating a love for reading in children.
Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!

Sophie is a young girl who finds herself to be incredibly messy, but remains content with her unique personality and characteristics.

Author: Judith Viorst

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