The Professors : How to Teach?

"The Professors: How To Teach?" is a book composed by Ernest Dimnet in 1941. The book checks out the various techniques and techniques to teaching, and the importance of understanding the trainees' needs and capabilities. Dimnet thinks that effective teaching involves producing a deep and real connection with the students, guiding them towards intellectual and personal development. This book offers important insights and assistance for teachers seeking to enhance their mentor approaches or ambitious teachers keen on understanding the complexities of the occupation. The book is structured in the following sections:

Understanding the Role of a Teacher
Dimnet thinks that the main function of a teacher is to assist students become independent and self-reliant learners. An effective instructor creates a discovering environment in which trainees feel comfy revealing their concepts, asking concerns, and challenging their presumptions. The teacher must be a role model, revealing trainees how to believe seriously, analyze details, and communicate successfully. The secret is to inspire students to cultivate their curiosity, which will act as a driving force in their pursuit of understanding.

Structure Connection and Trust
Establishing a real connection with trainees is essential to reliable mentor. Teachers should be patient, empathetic, and approachable. This allows them to develop trust and relationship with their students. Dimnet argues that students discover better from teachers they respect and trust, as these teachers have higher impact on their development. Educators need to promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity in the classroom, guaranteeing that all trainees feel valued and appreciated.

Teaching Methods and Techniques
Dimnet emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all method to teaching. Educators must adjust their methods and strategies to match the needs and abilities of their trainees. Flexibility is essential, as different trainees have various learning preferences and capabilities. Some popular teaching strategies include lecturing, discussion, questioning, presentation, and problem-solving. The efficient usage of these methods engages students' interest, boosts their understanding, and promotes higher-level thinking.

Developing Active Learners
The primary aim of teaching must be to produce active, independent students who take duty for their own knowing. This requires mentor trainees to engage with the content, use critical believing abilities, share their ideas and opinions, and work together with their peers on learning tasks. Dimnet motivates teachers to focus on trainees' strengths, interests, and abilities, which can be effective incentives for knowing. Teachers ought to likewise emphasize establishing trainees' higher-order thinking abilities, such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, as these are essential for deep understanding and long-lasting learning.

Assessment and Quality of Teaching
Assessment and evaluation are essential in determining the efficiency of mentor and trainees' knowing outcomes. Dimnet asserts that assessing trainee performance need to be a constant and reasonable procedure that includes a range of assessment approaches, including written tests, oral discussions, useful tasks, and group jobs. It is also essential for teachers to utilize evaluation feedback to improve their mentor methods and customize their methods to suit the needs of individual trainees.

"The Professors: How To Teach?" by Ernest Dimnet is a thought-provoking and informative book that supplies practical guidance and reflections on the mentor occupation. It functions as an useful resource for educators seeking to boost their teaching approaches, expand their understanding of numerous strategies, and develop a more engaging and impactful knowing environment for their students. The book highlights the significance of developing authentic connections with students, promoting a sense of belonging in the classroom, and inspiring interest and a thirst for knowledge. By doing so, teachers can assist trainees become active learners who take ownership of their education and become well-rounded people.
The Professors : How to Teach?
Original Title: Les Professeurs : Comment enseignera?

The author shares his thoughts and experiences on the art of teaching and provides suggestions and guidance for educators to improve their teaching skills.

Author: Ernest Dimnet

Ernest Dimnet Ernest Dimnet, French priest, writer & lecturer born in 1866. Expert on Shakespeare, author of The Art of Thinking & more.
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